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How long has OnsiteView been in business?

OnsiteView has been serving the construction industry since 2001, before webcams became popular. We have installed thousands of construction cameras from coast to coast.

Where are you located?

We are located in Dallas, Texas.


Who does the install?

All our cameras are Plug 'n Play and can be easily installed by your jobsite personnel. We can ship the cameras to your office or directly to your jobsite. Anyone at the jobsite can mount the camera and plug into power.

What do I need to have at my location for the camera?

1) Mount location - either a wood pole, trailer wall, roof parapet, crane etc.
2) Power - 120 VAC power receptacle in an outdoor enclosure near the camera location.

I want a camera but don't know how to install it?

Our cameras utilize a wireless modem and are plug and play. We can advise how and where to install a camera that best suits your project.

What is the lead time on getting the camera to the site?

The lead time on is approximately 1-3 business days. OnsiteView requires payment for the camera and first month of service prior to shipping the hardware.

Can the webcam be moved once it is set up?

Yes. Our cameras are easily moved on the jobsite as well as from jobsite to jobsite.

Websites and Viewing

Can I watch live video with the system?

Absolutely. This is the best application for construction cameras. A live view allows you to watch and drive the camera in real-time. Images are also captured and are archived every 15 minutes.

Can a live feed from the webcam be included on another webpage?

Yes. Website integration is an important feature. Many clients integrate their OnsiteView cameras into their corporate or public websites. We can provide your webmaster the code necessary to plug the camera feed into your website.

What happens to the images when my projects finished?

A time-lapse DVD is available at the end of a project, and all images are stored on our servers for four years after your project is finished.


What is a PTZ camera?

This is industry speak for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. You can actually take control of the camera from any computer connected to the Internet. Once logged in, you can pan (right or left), tilt (up or down) and zoom. This is very helpful in the event you see something of concern.

Short Terms and Other Questions

I want a camera, but my jobsite is only a 6 month project?

We can Lease a camera, with a refundable security deposit. However, many of our clients are large commercial developers who move cameras from location to location to keep track of all their projects.

What happens to the camera after a project is completed?

Most of our customers make arrangements to ship it back to our warehouse. Our camera professionals will then clean, refurbish, and inventory it for you. When your next job comes up, it is ready to go.

Is weather a concern?

No. The hardware is housed in a hardened, weatherproof enclosure capable of operating in temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit and above 130 degrees F. We have cameras operating at ski resorts as well as in the deserts of Nevada and California.

What makes up the monthly service fee?

The monthly fee covers unlimited image storage on our high speed servers, the hosted project website, software for viewing the images, cellular wireless data transmission, camera monitoring of connections and all service, support and trouble-shooting in the event the camera signal ever goes down. If there is a problem with the system, there are no additional charges to fix it.

Do people use OnsiteView for monitoring interior projects?

Absolutely. Several of our clients use the webcam system exclusively for interior work, mounting it in an area where they can get a full view during the build-out. Other clients re-locate their exterior webcam for interior monitoring after the building shell is substantially complete.

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